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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How much is a video worth? A million? The internet started out as a way to share documents — text documents. But, it wasn’t long before people want to share other forms of content including pictures, music, and video. Today, a website is as likely to carry non-text media as it is likely to carry text content.

Video Platform

Deliver your video in pristine quality with the GlobeTeve online video platform.. Take your OTT operation to the next level with delivery to all devices.


Everything you need for video hosting and live streaming. GlobeTeve streaming solutions help you build your streaming video venture with security tools, scalable delivery, and a fully white-label, custom-branded environment.

Power Your Business

Power your business with live streaming and on-demand video. Easily upload, monetize, and share. Build professional workflows with video transcoding and live stream recording